About the Returner’s Programme

Thanks to funding from the Government Equalities Office, if you are in need of help resuming your career after a period of looking after someone we’re here to help. Our Returners’ Programme offers you a reintroduction to the workplace and can provide you with support and tools to address issues such as confidence as well as updating industry-specific knowledge.

About Carer Support Wiltshire

There are estimated to be over 47,000 people looking after loved ones in Wiltshire. 2,700 are anticipated to be young adult carers between the ages of 18-25 and approximately 700 are young carers from the age of 5. With many not recognising themselves as carers these numbers are expected to be much higher.

We help carers to access services, information, education and training, respite, and breaks from their caring role. We ensure they have a voice that is heard and work with health and social care professionals and employers to raise carer awareness and develop best practice.

Visit our website to find out more about how we can help you in your caring role.

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About Working for Carers

Through Working for Carers, we work with employers across England, helping them to identify and support the carers in their workforce. Our membership accreditation demonstrates a positive and proactive approach to identifying and supporting employees who are caring for someone outside of work.

Research shows us that most employers are unaware of how many of their staff members are carers and many working carers don’t realise there is any support available to them. Faced with the stress of juggling work with their caring responsibilities, many people see no other choice than to reduce their hours or – worse still – quit work completely, making this a costly issue for employers.

We help employers to retain staff members – many of whom will be at the peak of their career, aged 45-64 – and to avoid the costly process of replacing experienced team members.

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