Supporting you with your return to work

1 in 3 people will have to care for a family member or loved one at some point and that often means taking an extended break from work.

We currently have nearly 2,000 carers registered with us who are unemployed and would like to work. Of those:

  • Nearly 500 carers are actively seeking work;
  • Nearly 1,000 feel their skills are out of date or they lack the confidence to take the next step;
  • Over 1,000 “feel hopeless and don’t know where to start”.

We’re with you all the way

Thanks to funding from the Government Equalities Office, if you are in need of help resuming your career after a period of looking after someone we’re here to support you. Our Returners’ Programme offers you a reintroduction to the workplace and can provide you with support and tools to address issues such as confidence as well as updating industry-specific knowledge.

  • Helping you to update your workplace skills with free resources & training;
  • Funding to update specific industry qualifications;
  • Small group support if you are really struggling;
  • Mentoring & volunteering opportunities with local employers;
  • Jobs from carer friendly employers.

Training & resources

From helping you to write your CV, updating your Microsoft Office skills or developing your leadership skills we have training and resources to support you.

Jobs board

We have a wide variety of jobs, at all levels, from carer friendly employers all over Wiltshire.

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